Saturday, September 6, 2008

Where Nobody Knows My Name

First night in Europe and I'm in Oslo, Norway. I've just paid for the most expensive cab ride in the history of cab rides-895 Kr. You're going to have to do the conversion yourself as I'm much too embarrassed to post the USD equivalent here. It just proves (for any remaining unbelievers) how much the dollar sucks right now. Ah well, I won't complain.

The good news is that my hotel is in city square by lots of restaurants and shops and the like. I settled on eating at Applebee's-esque chain named Egon as I promised myself that my first meal here (or any meal, if I can help it) would not be at a TGIFriday's or McDonald's.

For dinner, I ordered a corn, red onion, and butter baked potato and a blueberry crepe and a coke. Tired as I was on the plane, I'm not even a little sleepy now, so I imagine I'll go back to my room and stitch a bit.

Soooo...first impressions--wow, everyone's tall here. Second impression--wow, it's cold. I'm really wishing I brought the hat and scarf Karen knit for me now.

Tomorrow, I'm going to sightsee a bit and figure out how to get to Bergen.

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