Sunday, September 7, 2008

A full day

Today I saw Munch's Scream, Viking Ships from the first millenium, the U.S. Embassy, City Hall (where the Nobel Peace Prize is awarded), the Harbor, and the Royal Palace. Considering that I spent the first half of the day lost, I'm quite pleased with all I saw.

Several of my bus driver's today were Iraqi Kurds, and, upon finding out I was American, offered their opinions of the war. They ranged from "Bush is a courageous hero who saved my people," to "War is evil, and new wars do not fix old wars." They also wanted to know what I think of Obama.

Though I may regret it later, right now I'm quite glad I booked hotels ahead of time. After a day of adventurously illiterate wandering, the last thing I feel like doing is figuring out where I'm going to sleep at night.

Oh, something else I noticed today...Oslo doesn't have stop signs. Not a single one.

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