Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Morning After

I cross-stitched a bit before napping.

Breakfast was quite a bit better than dinner, but I imagine that's because it's a lot harder to screw up a bagel and banana.

Our flight landed at Heathrow-London about an hour early. While trying to find the terminal for my flight to Oslo, I couldn't help but notice that Heathrow has pretty much only one sign--"Baggage Claim." I interpret that to mean "Get the fuck out."

I took a bus to my next terminal and went through security again (where my nipple rings set off the dinger) and am currently waiting in the general lobby.

You see, at Heathrow, they don't tell you where your gate is until approximately 15 minutes before your flight leaves. Then it's a mad, Ben-hur like dash to sprint down the terminal just in time to watch your (empty) flight take off the runway. I think the Brits still like a bit of the old ultraviolence.

Only 300 minutes to go...


gOnZoRiFFiC said...

you'd mentioned you weren't taking a laptop. you aren't typing these out on the cell phone, are you?

Treacle said...

Short comments like this, yes. Actual entries call for an actual keyboard, I'm afraid. :-)

I'm keeping a long hand journal; so when I have a chance I'll just transcribe the entries from there.

Skibunny said...

Two questions

1 - how did you manage to do cross stitch, we aren't allowed to take any of the equipment you use for sewing on board?

2 - what did the brits do abut the nipple rings? I need to be prepared for when I fly out.

Treacle said...

1) I take the needles in a holder and I take a round thread cutter instead of scissors. I'm not sure what the the round threat cutter is called, but it looks like a large, circular pendant, and the blade is hidden and inaccessible between two metal halves. You slide your thread into grooves cut along the sides to cut it. I had no problems.

2) Re: nipples rings, they just patted me down. Once they found out I wasn't carrying anything metal (so to speak) they were fine.