Thursday, August 21, 2008


So I decided against taking my laptop with me. There simply isn't enough room in my backpack, and the rule for this trip is, "If it won't fit, leave it." Instead, I'm taking three, smaller, more portable pieces of tech: a GPS, an Ipod, and a cell phone.

The reason for the cell phone should be obvious. I need a way of calling out and having others call in, though, with the exorbitant call rates, there probably won't be much talking in either direction.

The point of the Ipod, while less obvious, should also be readily apparent. I'm taking quite a few plane, train, and ferry rides and I want to have a bit of music along with me to pass the time.

The GPS, however, is something I was undecided about for a long time. I'm not a gadget geek by anyone's imagining. In fact, I'm more of a luddite; technology scares me. However, I did want to have a way of a) figuring out where I was and b) figuring out where I needed to go without having to pull out a map everytime.

Therefore, I settled on a small, outdated GPS (mine is a 200 version while the company is making 800 versions) which comes pre-loaded with maps of America, Canada, and Europe. Now that I think about it, I should probably play with it before I go.

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